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Here you can find various downloads for your ARM based device:

Kernel images (2.6.38):

Here are the kernel images you can use on your device.
uImage for Kirkwood (2,7 Mb)
uImage for Orion5x (2,5 Mb)

Kernel modules (2.6.38):

These modules contain support for the most common filesystems such as XFS, NTFS, all EXT filesystems, NFS, various hardware, quota, iptables and IPv6 support.
Kernelmodules for Kirkwood (30 Mb)
Kernelmodules for Orion5x (21 Mb)

Basic filesystems:

Here you can find the basic filesystems that are usable for your ARM device, please note that there are HF and SF versions available, HF meaning HardFloat and therefore uses the VFP / NEON instruction set which will perform alot better. For ARMv5 you always have to use SF as these CPU’s don’t have any VFP.

For ARMv5, ARMv6 and ARMv7 using SoftFloat:
Debian Wheezy (83 Mb)
Debian 6 (Squeeze, 83 Mb)
Debian 5 (Lenny, 69 Mb)

For EFIKA MX (Using ARMv7 and SoftFloat):
Ubuntu 10.10, 552 Mb)

For EFIKA MX (Using ARMv7 and HardFloat):
Use a 4 Gb SD card as a minimum for these images, as they won’t fit on all 2 Gb SD cards!
Debian ARMHF with no 3D, 794 Mb)
Debian ARMHF with 3D, 1334 Mb)

For Raspberry Pi (Using ARMv6 and SoftFloat):
Soon to be added.

For Raspberry Pi (Using ARMv6 and HardFloat):
RISC OS (Build date 4-7-2012, 31 Mb)
More information about the images below can be found here.
Raspbian “Pisces + MATE” (Debian 6, 646 Mb)
Raspbian “Pisces + LXDE” (Debian 6, 464 Mb)
More information about the image below can be found here.
OpenELEC XBMC (Build date 4-7-2012, 73 Mb)


Here you can find the ARM GNU toolchain. It’s from Mentor, version 2014.05 and since it’s hard to get it I have it available below:
ARM Toolchain (98 Mb)

uBoot ROM’s:

Here you can find the uBoot patched ROM’s to replace the stock uBoot on your device.
uBoot for NS2 (191 Kb)

Recovery software:

Here you can find restore software used by some ARM devices.
HP t5325 recovery image (283 Mb)

GPL Software:

Linksys NMH300 GPL Code (142 Mb)

HP t5325

Here you can download a prebuilt kernel by me for your t5325 with display, bluetooth, wireless and audio support.
Kernel (3,3 Mb)
Kernelmodules (22 Mb)
Xorg.conf (2 Kb)

Tarball containing the rootfs with kernel (3.8.4) and modules:
Root Filesystem (117 Mb)

Linksys Mediahub NMH300/NMH400

Here you can download the 3.8.13 kernel with the Debian Wheezy image built for the Mediahub 300 and 400 series:
Kernel (3,3 Mb)
Filesystem (162 Mb)
Kernel 3.8.13 sources patched (114 Mb)

I’ve released a 3.16 kernel as well which can be used with the available filesystem above, you can download it below:
Kernel 3.16.0 (6.4MB)

If you have any tips on software that you would like to see on this page, let me know!

Author:Jeffrey Langerak

6 responses to “Downloads”

  • Corvin 25-06-2014 at 23:44 Reply 


    Great work! I would like to compile my own kernel for t5325. Is there any ‘howto’ how to do this?


    • langerak 27-06-2014 at 10:11 Reply 


      I have an article on my blog here about crosscompiling, these are general instructions for crosscompiling ARM kernels, just use the search function with “cross compile”! Although the article is a little outdated, the instructions should still work, but you might want to download a newer kernel and toolchain than the versions mentioned in the article.

  • Scott 29-04-2016 at 21:03 Reply 

    First thing, THANK YOU!
    I’ve now set up one of my 4 NMH300 units using your distribution. It’s taking a little longer than normal, because my experience is with Red Hat/CentOS.
    Is there any way I can get your patched kernel sources for 3.16.0?
    I’m trying to install iscsi, and the package iscsitarget-dkms is complaining –
    Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 3.16.0-langerak cannot be found.
    Please install the linux-headers-3.16.0-langerak package,

    • langerak 12-05-2016 at 13:32 Reply 


      I don’t have these sources anymore. When I have spare time I want to recreate the kernel again with other optimizations. I must warn that I never got iSCSI to work as the source code of iscsi wasn’t prepared for usage on the ARMv5 platform, ARM at all… But that was around 2 years ago, so maybe that is different now. If I have an update I will let you know :).

  • Bomber 29-12-2018 at 12:49 Reply 

    Aaargh, links are dead … I wish I could revive my NMH300 with your kernel and system files … sniff

    • langerak 03-01-2019 at 09:26 Reply 

      No worries. I’ve migrated the site last year and moved all content to https but forgot to update the links on this page. It’s updated now and all files are accessible again :).

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