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Enable Windows Hello on older Dell Latitudes


My previous post was about fixing firmware issues on a Latitude E6320. On said machine is also a fingerprint sensor available. As this allow faster and a more secure login this is a method that I definitely want to use.

Windows Hello
The problem is that with all drivers installed available from Dell, fingerprint sign in is still not available for use with Windows Hello. Windows Hello is a login framework that allows other types of logins besides passwords and pins. So you can use fingerprints in this example or smartcards. Windows 10 and Windows Hello has a minimum requirements list but it’s not clear what this list is and mostly means that any laptop / machine older than a couple of years will not fit within these requirements. This is quite ridiculous to me as it’s just software and should be able to benefit from it either way!

Here you see that Windows Hello is not available on my E6320 yet I have all ControlVault related items installed on my machine.

Installing USH / ControlVault software:
In order to use the fingerprint reader for sign-in you need to install several pieces of software. Make sure that you at least install the ControlVault driver which you can download from Dell directly here.

You would think that this will install all software related to the USH chip and hardware components but this is not true! You will also need to install the ControlVault Biometric Framework driver. You can download this as well from Dell directly here.

After installing the 2 components give the machine a reboot. Afterwards open the program called “Control Vault WVF”. A window like below will open:

Select “Enable” and click on “Set”. Now open the Windows Hello settings page again and see that Windows Hello now is available (see below)!

Now you can set up fingerprint based access!

I have noticed that the fingerprint reader on my E6320 is rather slow and has a delay of a second before responding. I don’t know whether this is hardware or software related but I don’t mind this little delay.

Author:Jeffrey Langerak

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