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Testing your internet connection speed from the commandline


Sometimes you may want to check the internet connection of the provider you are connected to. Although there are various versions that are browser related I rather want to have a method like this commandline based.

There is always the method of downloading a large file off the internet to see how fast it performs, but it’s not very convenient. Upon some searching I came across the tool “speedtest-cli” which is able to perform such speedtests directly from the commandline.

Speedtest-cli is a python program and can be installed using pip. If you don’t have pip installed you can install it with the commands below:

apt-get install python-pip

yum install python-pip

pacman -Sy python-pip

Installing speedtest-cli:
When pip is installed, run the following to install it:
pip install speedtest-cli

The output will be like:
Collecting speedtest-cli
Using cached speedtest_cli-0.3.4-py2.py3-none-any.whl
Installing collected packages: speedtest-cli
Successfully installed speedtest-cli-0.3.4

Using speedtest-cli
Now that it is installed, you can simply start it by running:

It will automatically determine the nearest mirror and start the test. Output will be like it is below (IP masked):
[fileserver ~]# speedtest-cli
Retrieving speedtest.net configuration...
Retrieving speedtest.net server list...
Testing from Ziggo (
Selecting best server based on latency...
b'Hosted by INTERACTIVE 3D B.V. (Rotterdam) [14.50 km]: 16.043 ms'
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 236.53 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed..................................................
Upload: 27.37 Mbit/s

I have a 300/30Mbit internet connection at home and had some downloads ongoing at that time, so the results are what I’ve expected from it.

Author:Jeffrey Langerak

2 responses to “Testing your internet connection speed from the commandline”

  • Kevin 01-03-2017 at 04:22 Reply 


    Please help to install speedtest in juniper device

    • langerak 11-04-2017 at 15:19 Reply 


      I don’t exactly know what you want to achieve here, can you explain a bit more on this?

      Kind regards,

      Jeffrey Langerak

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