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Windows 8 ARM ready


It was well suspected, but now it’s officially know: Windows 8 will be ARM ready!

For now, Microsoft states that it will support Qualcomm, nVidia (Tegra) and Texas Instruments ARM SoC’s. Too bad the Marvell Kirkwood / Dove is not a supported one, but seen the specs of the Tegra for instance, there is a real major performance difference between the 2. Also, the mainline Marvell boards don’t deliver more than 512 Mb RAM making it really dependent on the swapfile decreasing the system performance enormously I think. The system requirements are not available yet, so maybe the ARM version will be stripped of features not needed on the ARM platform.

It’s good to see that MS steps off it’s old rituals, only supporting the x86 architecture, making the switch to multi platform software. Might as well deliver some good apps to port to ARM as well, making ARM more mainline than now is!

Author:Jeffrey Langerak

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